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America has had a long series of "sex symbols" of various types -- the Femme Fatale such as Theda Bara, the Little Girl such as Mary Pickford, the Mischievous Child such as Clara Bow, the Agressive Woman such as Mae West, and many others. None, perhaps, have caught the public eye as did Marilyn Monroe during the 1950's. There seemed to be a curiously innocent and vulnerable personality beneath her obvious physical attractions. It was only after her tragic suicide that the public began to realize that her vulnerability had been very real.

To Hollywood, to Hollywood, to Hollywood, I'll go
And you will know me by the name of Marilyn Monroe
For soldiers and for sailors, I'll glitter and I'll glow
They'll wish they had a girl like Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn, Marilyn, Marilyn, Marilyn Monroe

I'll light a candle in the sky wherever I might be
For those who have to walk alone and fear the dark like me
For all those lonely women, their names I'll never know
I'll glitter in the dark for them, said Marilyn Monroe

Abe Lincoln is my hero, said Marilyn Monroe
And Arthur Miller's more like him than any man I know
Don't marry Arthur Miller, they say that he's a red
They say he's un-American. I'll marry him, she said

Good bye to Arthur Miller, alone again I'll go
God help the man who marries me, said Marilyn Monroe
Its up and down forever, my life is like the sea
And one day when I'm down, she said, will be the death of me

I hear the hounds behind my back, I know their voices well
But how this hunt will end is more than I can tell
I hear the hounds behind me, no matter where I go
Good luck to every hunted thing, said Marilyn Monroe

How long will they remember me, said Marilyn Monroe
How long will they remember me, when death has laid me low
As long as there are people on this old world below
There'll never be another one like Marilyn Monroe

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