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Line of American Packets

Between N. York & Liverpool

In order to furnish frequent and regular conveyances for Goods and Passengers, the subscribers have undertaken to establish a line of vessels between New-York and Liverpool, to sail from each place on a certain day in every month throughout the year.

The following vessels, each about four hundred tons burthen, have been fitted out for this purpose:

  • Ship Amity, John Stanton, master,
  • Ship Courier, Wm. Bowne, master,
  • Ship Pacific, Jno. Williams, master,
  • Ship James Monroe, ------
  • And it is the intention of the owners that one of these vessels shall sail from New-York on the 5th, and one from Liverpool on the 1st of every month.

    These ships have all been built in New-York, of the best materials, and are coppered and copper fastened. They are known to be remarkably fast sailers, and their accommodations for passengers are uncommonly extensive and commodious. They are all nearly new except the Pacific; she has been some years in the trade, but has been recently throughly examined, and is found to be perfectly sound in every respect.

    The commanders of them are all men of great experience and activity; and they will do all in their power to render these Packets eligible conveyances for passengers. It is also thought, that the regularity of their times of sailing, and the excellent condition in which they deliver their cargoes, will make them very desirable opportunities for the conveyance of goods.

    It is intended that this establishment shall commence by the departure of the James Monroe, from New-York on the 5th, and the Courier from Liverpool on the 1st, of First Month (January) next; and one of the vessels will sail at the same periods from each place in every succeding month.

  • Isaac Wright & Son,
  • Francis Thompson,
  • Benjamin Marshall,
  • Jeremiah Thompson.
  • 10mo24
    Evening Post, New York, 1817 October 27.

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