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Books on the American West

Online Historic American West Maps

General USA

* WWW-VL: US History Maps & Atlases
* Exploring the West - "expanding and enriching students' perceptions of the West", Bill Lane Center for the Study of the North American West, Stanford Un.
* Heading West - Mapping the Territory 1540-1900; New York Public Library
* Historical Maps - 42explore2
* By 1850-1890 - Settlement of the United States
* 1860 Presidential Election Map and maps from later years, Un. of Virginia
* 1895 US Atlas
* Animated map of the USA: changing borders between 1650-1907
* Color Landform Atlas of the United States: map by state
* Johns Hopkins' Flat Maps
* Historic US Maps
* Historical Map Archive, Un. of Alabama
* Latin America Political Map (see Hispanic history * Map search
* Perry-Castaņeda Library Map Collection University of Texas
* US Territorial Maps: 1775-1920, University of Virginia
* Western States Index (PBS)
* World Water & Climate Atlas for Agriculture

* Arizona - Maps of the Pimaria; Early Cartography of the Southwest

* California Digital Map Collection
* California 1914 county maps
* California as an island, Louis Hennepin 1699
* California - Beckwourth Trail
* California 1895
* California - Historical Road Maps of Southern California
* Los Angeles, California 1871
* San Jose, California 1875
* San Francisco 1860, Library of Congress
* San Francisco - Burnt District 1851
* San Francisco - Earthquake and Fire 1906
* San Francisco - Golden Gate International Exposition 1939
* Venice, California Historical Maps

* Colorado 1872
* Colorado 1895

French-Indian War
* Maps of the French and Indian War, The Massachusetts Historical Society

Great Plains
* Great Plains
* Atlas of the Great Plains - human population

* Old Kansas Area Maps, KanColl
* Kansas Historical Maps at WSU
* Kansas Historical Maps at KanColl
* Kansas 1895
* Kansas 1910
* Cattle Drive Map - Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico
* Santa Fe Trail - Western Kansas
* Santa Fe Trail - Central Kansas

Lewis & Clark Expedition
* Exploring the West from Monticello:
A Perspective in Maps from Columbus to Lewis and Clark, Un. of Virginia

* Montana 1914 county maps

North Dakota
* North Dakota Maps, Perry-Castaņeda Library

* Oregon 1914 county maps

South Dakota
* South Dakota Maps, Perry-Castaņeda Library
* South Dakota 1914 county maps

Trails Going West
* Oregon Trail
* Overland Trail, Julesburg to Ft. Bridger (clickable)
* Trail Map, Oregon-California Trail Association
* Old Spanish Trail, 1846
* Trails and Territories Index

Tribal Territories

* Native American Tribes of the Frontier


* State of Utah statewide and local maps
* Utah 1914 county maps

More Info
* County locator
* Explore the States
Distances: How Far Is It?
* Google Maps
* MapBlast
* MapQuest
* World Maps Zoom in, tilt & explore the world in 3D
* Yahoo! Maps
* Zip_Code locater

Place Names
* Geographic name search USGS
* Earth Resources Observation and Science EROS
* Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names search

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