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Books on the American West

INTO the WEST: Steven Speilberg. (TNT, 2005)
* Educator's material
* Series synopsis
* LIST: American West - Book Browser
* BOOK: The Shaping of America: A Geographical Perspective on
500 Years of History, Volume 3: Transcontinental America, 1850-1915

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Literature: (also see Collectibles: Books - new and used American West Book Browser - Kansas Bookstore)

Center for Western Studies, Augustana College, Sioux Falls, SD
"The Center for Western Studies is dedicated to preserving and interpreting the history
and cultures of the Northern Plains and serves as a repository for over 200 archival collections
and maintains a library in excess of 35,000 volumes on the American West."

Frontier Articles about the American West (also see Magazines and Journals, below)
from the Questia Research Library
* American Westward Expansion index
* Old West index
* US Frontier Letters and Diaries index
* Writings of Frederick Jackson Turner
* Women of the American Frontier index

from The HistoryNet's American History
  • Online Article Archive
    Articles such as:
  • Andrew Jackson vs the Cherokee Nation, 1831, USA Supreme Court
  • Black Bean Lottery, 1843, Texans in Mexico
  • Buffalo Bill's Skirmish at Warbonnet Creek, 1876, northwestern Nebraska
  • Mapping the Colorado, 1869
  • Rally against the odds at Fort Lancaster, 1867, Texas

    from Away.com's The Historic Traveler

  • Topical Archives (requires free registration to go beyond the first list)
  • Articles such as:
  • "From Chimney Rock to Fort Laramie"
  • "Get Out to Dodge"
  • "Merle Builds a Sod House"

    from The HistoryNet's Aviation History

  • Online Article Archive
  • Back Issues on and/or off line

  • Articles such as:
  • "Aviation Pioneer Glenn Curtiss"
  • "Clyde Cessna and the Birth of a Legend"

    from The History Net's The Wild West
    ** Current Article Archive

  • 1902 Gunfight at Spokogee
  • A Lady's Life in the Gold Rush
  • African American Infantrymen in America's West
  • Allensworth: California’s African American Community
  • Annie Oakley
  • Apache Captives' Ordeal
  • Belle Starr
  • Bat Masterson
  • Bat Masterson and the Sweetwater Shootout
  • Big Jim French and the Lincoln County War>
  • Billy the Kid: The Great Escape
  • Buffalo Soldiers in Utah Territory
  • More from The History Net's The Wild West
  • Butch Cassidy's Surrender Offer
  • Brulé Sioux Chief Spotted Tail
  • Charlie Russell's Last Legacy
  • Cherokee Stand Watie
  • Cheyenne Chief Black Kettle
  • Chief Seattle
  • Chinese Immigrants on America's Western Frontier
  • "The Dodge City War"
  • "Charlie Russell's Last Legacy"
  • "Ex-Slave Mary Fields Felt at Home in Montana"
  • "The Fatal Fetterman Fight"
  • "Fighting the Odds at Platte Bridge"
  • "Frontier Hero Davy Crockett"
  • "Frontiersman Bill Gay"
  • "George Crook: Indian Fighter"
  • "Gunfight at Spokogee"
  • "Hugh Glass' Crawl into Legend"
  • "Indian Tax Rebellion of 1851"
  • "James Marshall, California's Gold Discoverer"
  • "John Forster and California"
  • "John Sutter and California s Indians"
  • "Killer in Deacon's Clothing"
  • "Kit Carson: American Hero"
  • "Klondike Fever"
  • "Lakotas: Feared Fighters of the Plains"
  • "Lakota Noon at the Greasy Grass"
  • "Little Bighorn Coverup"
  • "Marie Dorion & the Astoria Expedition"
  • "The Notorious Fight at Sand Creek"
  • "The Prohibition War: Murder in Sioux City"
  • "Rebellious Warrior Estanislao"
  • "Sacagawea of the Lewis and Clark Expedition"
  • "Sitting Bull and the Mounties"
  • "Spitting Lead in Leadville: Doc Holliday’s Last Stand"
  • "Tough Times on the Chisholm Trail"
  • "Trailing Louis L'Amour in New Mexico"
  • "The Tule River War"
  • "Wagon Tracks West"
  • "Warriors and Chiefs: Cochise"
  • "Warriors and Chiefs: Stand Watie: Cherokee Chief and Confederate General"
  • "When the Bugle Sounded: Stampede for Oklahoma's Unassigned Lands"
  • "When the James Gang Ruled the Rails"
  • "White Bird Canyon: First Fight of the Nez Perce Flight"
  • "Wild Bill Hickok"
  • "Willie Kennard: Yankee Hill's Black Marshal"
  • Books about the American West (also see Book Stores * Cook Book Recipes Digital Libraries * On-Line Books, below)

    The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History, by Thomas E. Woods Jr

    European author, Karl Friedrich May: English-German dictionary search
    Book Lists - the American West
  • Karl May's Works On-Line (German)
  • Karl May Novels (English) free for personal use
  • Die Jahre 1875-1912
  • Karl May Stiftung (The Karl May Foundation)
  • The Strange Life and Legacy of Karl May, by Danika Tutush (English)
  • Karl May Gesellschaft: German or English
  • Karl May Works (English)
  • Karl May Verlag (Karl May Press)
  • Karl May & Co. (Karl May on-line magazine)
  • Karl-May-Museum bei Dresden (Karl May Museum at Dresden)
  • Films: Das Karl May Fim Archiv (Karl May Film Archive)
  • Best American Westerns of the 20th Century:
    (chosen by Western Writers of America)
    Can you guess the - Best authors?
    Best Western TV Miniseries?
    Best Nonfiction Book?
    Best Short Story Writer?
    Best Western Novel?
    Best Western Film?
    Best Western Television Series?

    Frontier and Pioneer Life, Fiction-L author list
    Wilderness Survival, Fiction-L list

    Democracy in America
    Tocqueville - Amazon.com
    The Latino Wave,
    by Jorge Ramos - Amazon.com
    "In his writings, Tocqueville debunked the myth that European immigrants of the time were settling in the frontier wilderness. Of course they weren't. Those newly arrived established themselves primarily along the eastern seaboard, where industries already existed that required their work. Populating the West was a rich man's adventure..." (p38)
    Author: Herbert Arthur Krause
    Included at the Augustana College (Sioux Falls SD) Center for Western Studies
    "The Herbert A. Krause Collection contains the papers of Herbert A. Krause, a long-time professor of English and writer-in-residence at Augustana College. He is also the author of three novels, numerous plays, poems, essays, and reviews. Krause was also an enthusiastic bird watcher and historian. Krause was the principal founder of the Center for Western Studies, and his papers have been in possession of the Center since 1976. His collection consists mainly of correspondence. In addition to the creative writing that he did, he was also a prolific letter writer. The boxes of correspondence are the first place to look for information about Krause's life. The Herbert A. Krause Collection is an excellent resource for anyone researching the works of Krause, Western American Literature, Western Americana, or even ornithology."

    Krause, Herbert Arthur , 1905-1976
    Born in Fergus Falls, MN. Taught at Augustana College, served as writer in residence. Director of Center for Western Studies. Historical novels reflect midwestern background. Also, nat'l hist. works.

    1954, The Oxcart Trail.
    1946, The Thresher.
    Literary guild selection. Ambitious young farmer wants to lead a threshing crew. Is ultimately overtaken by advancing ag technology.
    1939, Wind without Rain.
    Bestseller, winner of Friends of American Writers Award. Tragic story of German-American settlers in Fergus Falls area of MN.
    1990. Poems and Essays of Herbert Krause.


    Book Reviews
    Calamity Jane: La meilleure tireuse de l'Ouest | Western fiction by Florence B. Smith of Overland Park, KS

    Book Searches
    American West Book Browser:
    Topical books on the American West from Amazon.com

    Amazon.co.uk: (United Kingdom) North America: 1500-1800 | 19th Century (US) | Native Americans - Plains | 1842-1877 | Civil War (US) | Westerns | Fiction: Western |
    Book Hunter Press search by bookstore dealer name, specialty, state, city
    Guidon Books: American Civil War and Western Americana
    Kansas Bookstore Kansas history and Santa Fe Trail books

    WantedBooks.com: Ameriana section
    Used Book Lover's Guides Guidebooks and online searchable database of 8,000 used and antiquarian booksellers in the USA and Canada.

    Cook Book Recipes:
    Feeding America The Historic American Cookbook Project - browse by date from 1798
    Cooking in Kansas, Kansas Heritage | Helen Boltz's Spoon Bread recipe | Dale Don's Bieroch recipe | Apple Fritters recipe
    The Perry Home Cook Book, By the Ladies of Perry, KS, 1920

    Digital Libraries of American Westward Expansion:
    AmDocs: American History Documents, 1825 | American History Documents, 1850 | Archives of The West (New Perspectives) | Archives of the West 1806-1848 | Carrie Electronic Library | Kansas Collection | Making of America
    : primary sources in American social history from the antebellum period and Civil War through reconstruction | On-going Hypertext Projects (index)
    General American Literature (online books, chapter a day)
    Wesley Center for Applied Theology
    Questia On-Line Library: * Frontier Life * Frontier Women * History of the American West * Western Expansion

    * The First American West: The Ohio River Valley, 1750-1820

    On-Line Books & Documents on American Western Expansion:
    Across the Plains in 1844, Catherine Sager Pringle (ca 1860)
    The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain
    The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Mark Twain
    The Call of the Wild, Jack London
    Commerce of the Prairie 1844. Josiah Gregg.
    Dodge City, The Cowboy Capital and the Great Southwest ; by Robert M. Wright, 1913
    Early Ford County, by Ida Ellen Rath, Dodge City, KS, 1964
    The Frontier in American History, Frederick Jackson Turner
    A History and Biographical Cyclopaedia of Butler County, Ohio (1882)
    History of Methodism in Kansas : from 1830 to the Civil War, Frederick A. Norwood
    History of the State of Kansas, William G. Cutler
    History of the State of Nebraska, William G. Cutler
    The Last of the Mohicans, James Fennimore Cooper
    A Literary History of the American West, table of contents, The Western Literature Association
    McTeague: A Story of San Francisco 1899, Frank Norris
    Nevada Historical Documents
    O Pioneers!, Willa Cather
    The Prairie Traveler. A Handbook for Overland Expeditions 1859
    The Rath Trail, by Ida Ellen Rath, Dodge City, KS; 1961
    Short story: "To Build A Fire", Jack London
    Virgin Land: The American West as Symbol and Myth
    Winter Wheat in the Golden Belt of Kansas , by James C. Malin, University of Kansas, 1944

    Forums and Discussions:
    alt.old-west: usenet group available through Deja.com
    1812 Civilian: discussing everything associated with the civilian men and women attached to the armies during the War of 1812.
    18th Century Frontier Trekking Reenacting forum
    Pre-1820 American Frontier
    18West: announcing and discussing 18th Century living history events on the west coast of the United States.
    AIM: discussing the American Indian Movement.
    American History: discussing any aspect of American history, North and South America.
    B.J.'s Tombstone History Discussion Forum
    Civil War History: discussing the Civil War (American) and the history about it.
    Famous Frontier Females
    Fort Osage Reenactors
    Genealogy Forums
    History Teachers OnLine
    Jesse James: Jesse James, the Dalton Gang and other American outlaws, facts, rumors, and myths
    Metis Culture: discussing issues and concerns of people of Native American and "other" ancestry.
    Old West History Discussion Board
    Rendezvous: exchanging information and ideas pertaining to the history of the North American Fur trade

    Magazines and Journals:

    Magazine Subscriptions
    * Art of the West subscription
    * American Cowboy subscription
    * American Heritage subscription
    * American Heritage of Invention and Technology subscription
    * American History subscription
    * American West subscription
    * Guns of the Old West subscription
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    * True West subscription
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    On-line magazines:
    American Historical Review
    American Western Magazine
    Cochise County (AZ) History Magazine
    Colorado Life
    Harpers Weekly, including the American West
    Heritage Quest: Local History and Genealogy Librarian News
    Historic Traveler (also see: Travel)
    Journal for MultiMedia History
    Journal of American History
    The Journal of San Diego History
    Kansas History
    New Mexico Historical Review
    Organization of American Historians Newsletter
    Pioneering the Upper Midwest: Books from Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, ca 1820-1910
    Readwest.com online magazine
    Roundup online magazine
    Western Historical Quarterly
    Wild West: Chronicling the American Frontier
    The San Francisco Calamity, an on-line book

    Draper Manuscripts (on-line references):
    Central & Northeastern Kentucky | Description | Boonesborough Romance |

    American West:
    * Frontier, Pioneers, West and The Great American West, HaveFunWithHistory.com

    Movies and DVDs:
    Western Movies:
    * Teddy Blue's Bunk House, Western movies and reinactments site includes "Buck" Benny Rides Again, Jack Benny
    * Western movies reviewed at Internet Movie Data Base
    * Kansas related movies

    Cinematographiques: Western cinematographiques: les grandes étapes | Accueil |

    Collectibles: Movies

    Video on Demand

    Topical lists of movies at Amazon.com: Westerns | Indians |
    Ric Burns director (1995): Way West: 4 episode set || Way West: War for Black Hills Vol.3 || Way West:Westward Vol. 1/1845-64 ||
    Scenic Wonders of America: American West (1991) || Kenny Rogers: Best of the Real West (1993) || Buffalo Bill's Wild West (1994) ||

    DVDs on the history of the Wild West

    Movies filmed in the American West: Arizona | California | Colorado | Idaho | Iowa | Kansas | Missouri | Missouri River | Montana | Nebraska | Nevada | New Mexico | North Dakota | Oklahoma | Oregon | South Dakota | Texas | Utah | Washington | Wyoming | (Internet Movie DataBase)

    Western Music:
    Sing along - "Oh, They Told Me Out in Kansas" RealAudio (streaming)
    History of "Home on the Range" (1873)
    Recording Technology History, timeline with developments from 1877

    Old Newspapers:
    Local Current American West Newspapers:
    Search Historical Newspapers Online (Ancestry.com)

    Our Golden Past - read old west articles by Richard Hughey in California's oldest newspaper, the Placerville Mountain Democrat.
    * Alaska * Arizona * California * Colorado * Idaho * Iowa * Kansas * KSnews.com * KS News Hall of Fame * Montana * Nebraska * Nevada * New Mexico * North Dakota * Oklahoma * Oregon * South Dakota * Texas * Utah * Washington * Wyoming
    * IIGS Library Links

    Other Media: Photography and Art:

    Arthur Dailey Photographs, Lybrary.com     "...many are iconic images of the American West."
        Arthur Dailey Photograph Slideshows: Museum collection   |   Native American collection
    Digital Gallery of the New York Public Library
    Joan Myers: Platinum-palladium photographs of the American Southwest, the Santa Fe Trail, Santiago pilgrims, more
    Greatest Pictures Archive: photos by Sam Myers
    Photos of Old Town San Diego
    Photographs of the American West 1861-1912 (mirrored site)
    The Photography Collection: Western History
    New Perspectives on The West - Ken Burn's PBS Special with an Interview with Ken Burns and Stephen Ives
    Women Artists of the West
    The Lyle and Aileen Woodcock Museum of American Art and Culture, St. Louis, MO

    Topical eCards: pictures to send with your email or Slideshows to watch from the Santa Fe Trail, Kansas, and more.

    Radio Programs:

    * Westerns, RadioLovers.com * Radio Westerns, Wildest Westerns Magazine * Olde Time Radio Westerns, Olde Time Radio * Radio Westerns - Listings, Shadows of the Past * Western Radio Stations, Live365

    * Dramas, RadioLovers.com

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