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General: Best on the Web for Teachers | History & Social Studies Web Site for K-12 Teachers | Teacher Vision

Lesson plans: Exploring the West - designed for students in grades 9-12. The worksheets and lessons vary in difficulty, and we encourage teachers to explore the site for material suitable for their studentsí particular needs.
"Show Down in the New Wild West" | EdHelper teacher resources, including History 1800-1899| Great plains

Teaching Western Expansion
Grades 9-12 | 5-8 | K-4
Newscast from the Past: Trails West
Manifest Destiny, and more!
Migration In History: for teachers and students
Port of Entry: Immigration
Tales Out Of School: Teaching Kansas history

History Teachers' Forums
American Indians, from "History Matters" (May 2001)
History Teachers' Discussion Forum

Test Your Knowledge Games and more:
(Also see: American Presidents games)

Penalty Shootout - * Texas Revolution * The Mormons * The US Civil War * more.

Teacher Walks the Plank -
* US Civil War * Early settlers in the American West * Native Americans * American West * more

Fling a Teacher - * The US from 1800 to 1850 * Native Americans

Hoop Shot - * US era of reform 1820-1860 * Slavery

Historical Hangman - * Custer at Little Bighorn

Historical Wordsearch - * Native Americans

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This American West WWW-VL site is currently maintained by Nancy Sween at http://www.vlib.us/americanwest/ and is regularly updated and expanded. Previously maintained at the University of Kansas, where it began as part of the Kansas Heritage Group.