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My Life

And My Travels


Heinrich Brugsch

1894 Berlin, Mein Leben und mein Wandern

1992 English version edited by George Laughead and Sarah Panarity.
Used with permission of Heinrich George Brugsch, M.D., Waban, MA

As a teenager in Berlin, Heinrich Brugsch (1827 - 1894) translated the demotic text on the Rosetta Stone. He was mentored by Alexander von Humboldt, was a friend of Auguste Mariette, and director of the school of Egyptology, Cairo. He was Egyptian Commissioner General at the Philadelphia World Exposition of 1876.

CONTENTS -- Semi-proofed version, October 2012

Preface 01: Early Years in Berlin 02: My Student Years 03: First Journey To Egypt 04: Alexander von Humboldt Dies
05: First Persian Journey 06: Opening Of The Suez Canal, Journey To North America 07: My Friend Mariette Dies Credits

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