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Kansas Museums Association

Online information on the national initiative to approve a federal formula for funding museums, in addition to obtaining a large increase in total IMLS funds for museums.

This funding initiative is guided by the American Association for State and Local History, with initiative membership of 60 organizations (growing), chaired by AASLH President Terry Davis.

The American Association for Museums has added their help to the initiative, with AAM President Ford Bell being supportive of the formula funding concept and the leader in working with Congress on getting an increase in the amount of money to be spent on the nations' museums.

The IMLS funding level (currently around $31 million for whole country) starting point to be reached before the formula funding comes into affect is one point of debate. This site is to bring you up-to-date quickly on a plan, and possible solutions to the current IMLS museum federal formula funding discussion. It will bring major long-term benefits to museums in Kansas, and in the nation.

The Kansas Museums Association, and the Kansas Humanities Council are the Kansas members of the initiative. [Note: While researching and searching for links, I noted that formulas are normal in many areas of federal funding. Search for federal funding formula, without the word museums. GL}

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    Federal-State Partnerships for Museums Formula Grants Initiative
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