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La France Guerrière

Dunkirk, May, 1915

An American Ambulance in Flanders

An American Ambulance in Ypres

Soldiers marching by American Ambulances in a Flemish Town

Americans in their Gas-Masks

The Col de Bussang --- the Gate to Alsace Reconquise

Supplies for the Soldiers being carried on Mules over the Vosges Mountains

At a Valley "Poste" (Mittlach)

American Drivers in Alsace

A "Poste de Secours" in the Valley of the Fecht.

Sharing Meals at a Poste

La Terre Promise.

The Harvard Club of Alsace Reconquise ..

Winter Days in Alsace I

Winter Days in Alsace II

Effect of German Shells in Alsace (Thann)

On the Road to Hartmannsweilerkopf, December, 1915

Shells breaking on the Côte-de-Mousson

Watching an Aeroplane Duel in Pont-à-Mousson

On the Road to Bois-le-Prêtre .

Fontaine du Père Hilarion, Bois-le-Prêtre .

Loading the Ambulance

At a "Poste" at the Very Front

Soldiers of France.

Americans in their Gas-Masks in front of the Bomb-proof Shelter outside of the Headquarters

A " Poste de Secours " in Flanders

Waiting at a "Poste de Secours ..

A Winter Day in Flanders .

A Group of American Drivers in Northern France

The Cathedral in Nieuport, July, 1915

Some of the Members of Section IV

Approaching the High-Water Mark

"Poilus" and Americans sharing their Lunch

Richard Hall

Richard Hall's Grave

An Inspection Trip in Alsace

Within Sight of the German Trenches

Stretchers slung between Two Wheels on their Way from the Trenches

Evacuating a Hospital

Transferring the Wounded to the Train .

The End of an Ambulance

Decoration of Carey and Hale .

A Winter Morning

Alsatian Woods in Winter .

The "Poste de Secours" near Hartmannsweilerkopf

Winter in Alsace I

Winter in Alsace II

What Night Trips without Lights sometimes mean

The Dangers of the Road

Mule Convoy in Alsace

The "Poste" near Hartmannsweilerkopf after a Bombardment

One of our Cars in Trouble .

Coffins in Courtyard of Base Hospital in Alsace

Richard Hall's Car after Shell landed under it

A "Poste de Secours" at Montauville

Saucisse above Verdun

At a Dressing-Station near Verdun

American Ambulance in Verdun

American Ambulance at a Dressing-Station near Verdun

A Corner of Verdun, July, 1916

Headquarters of the American Ambulance Field Service, 21 Rue Raynouard, Paris

Some of the Men of the American Ambulance Field Service at their Headquarters, 21 Rue Raynouard, Paris

The "Croix de Guerre"


Photographs of Drivers Given Special Mention in Official Army Reports

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