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(Some of the hospital ships were destroyed after they had been classed as ambulance tranports)

From the Official History of the Great War,
Medical Services General History, Appendix C, Volume 1

H.S. "ANGLIA."- Mined off Dover on 17th November, 1915, in the afternoon; 14 officers and 374 men, sick and wounded on board; 9 officers and 244 men were saved by destroyers, patrol boats. etc.; 5 officers and 128 men were lost, also 1 sister and 9 men of the R.A.M.C. staff.

H.S. "GALEKA."- Mined off Havre on 28th October, 1916, at 6.10 am., in a strong gale and heavy sea; no patients on board; 19 R.A.M.C. orderlies were killed in the initial explosion, all the other staff and ship's crew were saved; the ship was beached, but became a total wreck.

H.S. " BRITANNIC."- Sunk by mine on 21st November, 1916, at 8.12 a.m., in the Aegean Sea; there were no patients on board and the day was warm, with a calm sea.  All the staff were saved with the exception of Lieut. J. Cropper, R.A.M.C., and 8 orderlies; the evacuation was carried out with difficulty, on account of the movement of the ship, which continued to travel for some distance before finally sinking.

H.S. " BRAEMAR CASTLE."- Mined in the Aegean Sea, on 23rd November, 1916.

H.S. " GLENART CASTLE."- Mined at 11.30 p.m. 1st March, 1917, on route from Havre to Southampton; 520 sick and wounded on board, including 300 cot cases; all patients and crew saved by destroyers tugs and trawlers; ship cleared of invalids by 12.50 a.m. ; the weather was unusually mild, and the sea practically a dead calm; the ship was towed into Portsmouth. She was mined a second time on 26th February, 1918, and sunk.

H.S. "ASTURIAS. "- Torpedoed on 21st March, 1917, at midnight, off Devonshire coast; no patients on board; Temporary Captain G. L. Atkinson, R.A.M.C., Staff Nurse J. J. Phillips, and 12 R.A.M.C. orderlies were drowned; the ship was beached at Salcombe.

H.S. "GLOUCESTER CASTLE."- Torpedoed at 7 p.m., on 30th March. 1917, on route from Havre to Southampton; 399 patients, including 300 cot cases, on board; all the patients were saved by destroyers and transports, but 3 unfortunately died during transfer; the ship was eventually brought into port.

H.S. "SALTA."- Mined on morning of the 10th April, 1917, just outside Havre ; no patients on board ; 5 officers (including the officer-in-charge), 9 nursing sisters, and 37 other ranks R.A.M.C., were lost with the ship.

H.S. "LANFRANC. "- Torpedoed without warning on 17th April, 1917, at 7.30 p.m., on route from Havre to Southampton ; 387 patients on board, including 27 German officers and 140 German other ranks; there were 326 cot cases, many of which were seriously wounded, including a number of fractured femurs and amputations; 22 British, including 2 officers, and 18 German other ranks were lost; the ship sank rapidly.

H.S. "DONEGAL."- Sunk by torpedo on 17th April, 1917.

H.S. "DOVER CASTLE "- Torpedoed without warning on 26th May, 1917, at 11 a.m. ; 632 patients on board, including 29 officers ; all the patients were saved. although three boats were destroyed by the first explosion. The ship was sunk by a second torpedo after being cleared.

H.S. "GOORKHA."- Mined on 10th October, 1917, off Malta, at 11.50 a.m.; 362 patients on board, including 20 officers and 17 sisters; the ship was cleared in thirty-five minutes; there were no casualties; the ship Was towed into Malta.

NAVAL HOSPITAL SHIP "REWA."-Torpedoed 4th January. 1918. 4 crew (naval) were lost.

H.S. "GUILDFORD CASTLE,"-Torpedoed, but reached port, 10th March, 1918.

H.S. "LLANDOVERY CASTLE."- Torpedoed 27th June, 1918; no patients on board; 88 R.A.M.C. staff and 146 crew were lost.

H.S. "WAR ILDA."-Torpedoed in the Channel, 3rd August, 1918; there were 471 invalids, including 439 cot cases on board; 2 officers an 113 other ranks were lost, together with 1 Q.M.A.A.C. and 1 R.A.M.C.; the rest were cleared from the ship within an hour; the Ship sank half an hour afterwards.

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