Dr. M. Geoffrey Miller

Dr. Miller, MB.BS. (Lond), MRCP. (Lond), FACRM., FFRM,RACP., is a retired consultant physician in internal and cardiological medicine who qualified in medicine at St. George's Hospital, London, in 1954.  He moved to Australia in 1961 and has practised in public hospitals and in private practice as a consultant physician first in Brisbane and then in Sydney where he now lives. He has maintained a particular interest in the medical problems of War Veterans since 1984 and has written medico-legal reports on over 1500 Australian war veterans.

His longtime interest in Military History commenced with the study of Naval History when he was a medical student. Since then he has specialised in the Military and Medical Military history of the First World War.

Dr Miller can be contacted for information or correspondence at his email address -


Dr Miller is a Listowner of the WWI-L international WW1 discussion List hosted by Kansas State University.  Anyone wishing to join this List can do so by contacting him at the above email address.

Military History Articles that he has written include:

The Death of Manfred von Richthofen; A critical analysis of the postmortem examination and a reconstruction of the probable events of Manfred von Richthofen's last flight.

Of Lice and Men; an account of Trench Fever during WW1;

Haig: was he a great Captain? An indictment of Field Marshal Haig:

                  The Medical Service of HMAS Sydney During her Engagement with SMS Emden on  November 9th, 1914 
An account of how the inadequate medical facilities available to HMAS Sydney in 1914 were able to cope first with eleven British and Australian wounded sailors, then between 70 and 80 wounded German seamen.   These had been left for over 48 hours without any medical treatment and in tropical heat on Direction Island, one of  the Cocos-Keeling Islands.
                   Current research projects involve Hospital Ships, the medical aspects of Gas Warfare and Shell Shock.


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