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Administration of Veterinary Services in the British Imperial Armies. The following short extract is taken from "Military Organisation and Administration" by Major G. R.N. Collins who published a book of lectures, given at the Canadian Military School, in 1918.

Veterinary Service, including simple advice and treatment in the field. This extract was taken from the Official Field Service Pocket Book of 1914, issued by H. M. Stationery Office, price One Shilling. All officers were required to be aware of the principles of general veterinary care for their horses.

 Protection against gas warfare for animals  This includes photographs of gas protection for horses, dogs and carrier pigeons.

A poster recruiting for the US Army Veterinary Corps, showing a horse ambulance, and two buildings used as veterinary hospitals during WW1

The American Veterinary Corps in WW1 The Veterinary Corps of the U S Army was established in 1916 but when General Pershing's headquarters sailed for France in May of 1917 there were no personnel for a veterinary service nor were there any plans for one. Veterinary officers were soon sent abroad in small numbers as requested, but the calls for them did not become urgent until shipments of animals in considerable numbers began in October of the same year. This site, prepared by Greg Krenzeloik of Alaska has been dedicated to his grandfather, Sergeant Leonard Patrick Murphy who served in the US Army Veterinary Corps during WW1 and we are grateful to Greg for permission to incorporate it in the Veterinary section. The site is large and very detailed, giving much information on the administration of the American Veterinary Corps. It includes original photographs and lists of the U S Army Veterinary Hospitalls.  


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