The California Trail and Kansas
I live near Elgion, KS and it was the last cattle town in Kansas. There is a trail locally known as the 'California' Trail that started at Fort Gibson and went to Elgin, KS. From there it was said to go to Wichita thence westward to California. I have recently seen an 1867 U. S. Army Corps of Engineers map of KS, Ok and parts of surrounding states. Of course, in 1867, there were no towns in this part of KS and few roads shown. However one of the few roads shown was one that went from Fort Gibson, OK to a bend on the Little Verdigris River(now known as the Caney River). Another is shown slightly further west that goes north through where Ark City and Winfield, KS are located. Unfortunately, no road or trail is shown going north of the KS line at the Elgin end.

There was also a notation "proposed post location", referring to a future military post in this area. Another was notated on the map a little further west probably on the KS/OK line above present-day Grant County, OK. Have you any ideas on where to go from here?

Lynn Pipher, 3/12/2001

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April 8, 2001, N. Sween