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Santa Fe Trail Route

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SFT Route: East to West


Old Franklin, Arrow Rock, Fort Osage, Independence (follow the Oregon Trail route for 20-30 miles),


Wyandotte County

Kansas City, Westport Landing,

Johnson County

Shawnee Mission, Olathe--Elm Grove/Lone Elm campground (south of Olathe), Gardner--Santa Fe Trail and Oregon Trail junction/divide (west of Gardner), Edgerton,

Douglas County

Baldwin City, Worden, Globe,

Osage County

Overbrook, 110 Mile Creek, Scranton, Burlingame, Dragoon Creek-Dragoon Grove, Osage City,

Morris County

Council Grove, Neosho River, Diamond Springs (discovered by Ben Jones), Burdick,

Marion County

Lost Springs, Antelope, Marion, Cottonwood River Crossing, Hillsboro,

McPherson County

entered county a few miles north and east of Canton, Turkey Creek 2 miles south of Galva, Charles Fuller's ranch house, Santa Fe School grounds (1 mile east and 3 miles south of McPherson), K17 (3 miles south of McPherson), Groveland Township, Hayes Township,

Rice County

Little Arkansas River Crossing, Stone Corral, Lyons,

Barton County

Ellinwood, Fort Zarah, Walnut Creek, Great Bend, Pawnee Rock,

Pawnee County

Fort Larned-Larned, Garfield,

Edwards County


Ford County

Ford--Lower Crossing (limited use)(near mouth of Mulberry Creek),

       |                               |
       |                               |
Fort Dodge                             |
Dodge City                             |
Fort Mann                              |
Fort Atkinson (S. of Hwy. 50)          |
The Caches (N. of Ft. Atkinson/Hwy. 50)|
       |                               |
       |                               |

Gray County

       |                               |
       |                               |
Middle/Cimarron Crossing---------------|
(1830's established fording area)      |
       |                               |
       |                               |
Chouteau's----Upper/Ingalls Crossing---|
  Island        (early years use)      |
       |                               |
       |                               |
Mountain Route			Jornada Route
       |                               |
       |                               |

Jornada Route:

Gray County

Water Scrape (Middle Crossing), Ensign, Montezuma,

Haskell County

Sublette, Satanta, Cimarron River,

Stevens County

Moscow, Hugoton,

Morton County

Rolla, Point of Rocks, Elkhart,


Keyes, Boise City,

New Mexico

Clayton, Fort Jordan, Springer, Wagon Mound,

Mountain Route:

Finney County

Garden City,

Kearney County


Hamilton County

Fort Aubrey, Syracuse,


New Bent's Fort, Fort Lyon No. 1 (Wise), Fort Lyon No. 2, Old Bent's Fort, La Junta, Trinidad,

New Mexico

Raton Pass, Raton, Clifton House, Cimarron, Rayado, Ocate Crossing,

       |                               |
       |                               |
Mountain Route			Jornada Route
       |                               |
       |                               |

New Mexico

Fort Union, La Junta (Watrous), Las Vegas, San Miguel, Pecos Ruins-Pecos, Glorieta Pass, Santa Fe-Fort Marcy.

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