photographs taken during a recent trip to Jordan


Aqaba - The fort next to Feisal's house. Currently being excavated.

Aqaba - The house where Feisal stayed after landing following the capture of Aqaba. Now a museum and shop

Aqaba - The main gate of the fort.

Azrak - The fort where Lawrence and Feisal stayed

Azrak - The fort gate house

Azrak - The room in the fort where Lawrence and Feisal stayed. Lawrence suffered from the draught.

Azrak - Interior of the fort where Lawrence and Feisal stayed

Alleged origin of the seven pillars

Belgian railcar at Wadi Rumm. Implicitly from the Baghdad railway the Arabs so often disrupted but no such claims are made at the site. It appears to have been rebogied.

Wadi Rumm - Area allegedly known a Lawrence's well (though no trace of an 'Ain Oranz' could be seen on the map)

submitted: March 13, 2005 by Peter Farrell-Vinay