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Books on the American West

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Angus Cattle History
American Brahman Cattle
Exploring the West - history of cattle ranching and cowboys
A History of the Longhorn Breed timeline
Texas Cattle History
Twin Bridges, MT Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture

Cattle or Cow Towns
Kansas Cowboy, Kansas Cattle Towns, Kansas Cowtowns, KS Cattle Trails
Kansas Historic Trails
Abilene, First of the Kansas Cow Towns
Notes on the Chisholm Trail Cow Towns
Kansas Cattle Towns Tour, 4 day itinerary
The Cattle Towns Abilene, Ellsworth, Wichita, Dodge City, and Caldwell
Dodge City history, kansascattletowns
KansasTowns.us: * Abilene * Dodge City * Ellsworth * Hays * Wichita

Llamas not guns protect sheep from coyotes, Belgrade, MT
Sheep guarding Llamapaedia
Sheep dogs: St. Bernards
Livestock guarding dogs

Feuding Ranchers
Tom Horn: Did they hang the wrong cowboy?

Livestock Issues
Forest Guardians: plans to protect and restore the forests, rivers, grasslands, wildlife and wilderness of the Southwest

K-State Research and Extension News, Kansas

Kansas Cowboy Arena, 30 miles west of Topeka
Southern Rodeos Schedule

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