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Books on the American West

General US Military History: WWW-VL: History: US Military History | WWW-VL: History Military History | USA Military Searches Interactive Genealogy | Ancestry.com Military Message Board | Military Histories on the Web Un. N. Texas | Military Union Regimental Histories | Researching Military Heroes |

American Indian Wars (Western): Gen. George Armstrong Custer: le site officiel de George Armstrong Custer (also in English) | Nebraska Pawnee Scouts, 1861-69 |

Buffalo Soldiers The Buffalo Soldiers | Buffalo Soldiers on the Western Frontier |

Civil War 1861-65: WWW-VL: History Coming of the Civil War | WWW-VL: History: America's Civil War
Ancestry.com: Civil War Battles by State | Civil War Message Board Portal | Civil War Muster Rolls | Civil War Pension Index

Civil War Times articles | Civil War Timeline

150 year sesquicentennial of the Civil War 2011-2015

1861-65: * 150th Anniversary of the Civil War
    iPhone battle apps | This day in the Civil War
    * Missouri | Wilson's Creek map
    * Kansas | Bloody KS slideshow
    Facebook: MO Life Civil War 150 | KS 150

Blacks in the Civil War (also see People)
United States Colored Troups in the Civil War | Links to Black Solders on the Internet | People of Color on the Western Frontier |

Native Americans (also see People)
The Civil War Comes to Indian Territory, with some activity in Kansas. This chapter is part of a dissertation on Cherokee and Black Freedmen |

Western Front
Iowa During the Civil War | Bloody Kansas: Jayhawkers and women involved in the KS-MO border warfare | Kansas in the Civil War | 10th Kansas Volunteer Infantry | Kansas Forts During the Civil War | Civil War in Missouri | Confederate Missouri | Union Missouri | Veteran/Military Civil War Sites

Forts: Brief history of Fort Bayard (New Mexico) Fort Leavenworth (Kansas) | Fort Dodge (Kansas) | Kansas Forts | Fort Missoula [Montana] | Fort Seldon (New Mexico Territory) | History of Fort Union (New Mexico) |

Iowa War 1839: (aka The Honey War): War Was NEVER So Sweet, by Joel M. Vance | Robert Lucas, Iowa Territory Governor in 1839 | Honey Wars, with map

Mexican War: 1846-47: President Polk's message, May 11 1846 | Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, February 2, 1848 | Causes of the Mexican-American War |

Military Expeditions: Marcy-Loring 1857-8

Military History: of New Mexico

Mormon War 1838: Chronology of events in Missouri, 1838-1839

Reenactors: Camp Chase Gazette: The Voice of Civil War Reenacting |

War of 1812: Introduction | Animated War of 1812 | WWW-VL: History: Age of Jackson

War Between the States: see Civil War

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