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THE AMERICAN WEST: Timelines Westward

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Chronological Timelines
Events in the West:
Prehistory - 1917 or 28000 BC on | New Mexico 25000 BC on |

American History
1453-1994 (largely emigrant tribal and world history) | 1492-current (documents) | 1492-current | 1810-1854

Mexico and the United States:
Mexico, 1519-1845

Kansas 1540-1999 | Colonial Louisiana to 1812 | Michigan PreHistory-1990 |

Music Historic American Sheet Music

US Army 1814-1850 | San Francisco Gold Rush 1846-1849 | Civil War 1861-1865 |

Historical Atlas of the 20th Century (1900-1999)

Topical Timelines -

Black History in Pacific Northwest (see people)
Economy: Financial Panics
Kansas City area history
Kansas City: first 150 years
Movies: Western cinematographiques (FR)
Native American history (see people)
Oregon Trail (see trails)
Transcontinental Railroads (see transportation)

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