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Beats In Kansas: The Beat Generation in the Heartland


DOMINION and other poems
by Alan Russo, 1977

Cover art by Robert Branaman

When love went wrong
and right went right
and left your back to the fact
skippin one nick offa your old left turn
left you out in the fields to burn.

There was never really any coming back
just turning on a slow ridge glide
you could feel the power goin through ya
and say, Papa, let that new mint ride.

Oh Lord the shit they shot on us
and lord how we fought back
we hit it just about the line
where the grab bag fits the sack.

We didn't ask for none of this
seemed to all come with The Fall
but Beauty came by to take a whiz
and gave a new name to it all.

I don't mean to sound romantic
guess we've chewed too many rocks for that
but God and man have got two stones
that laid right come out flat.

© 1960-1977 Alan Russo; Page © 2011 George Laughead
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