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Beats In Kansas: The Beat Generation in the Heartland


DOMINION and other poems
by Alan Russo, 1977

Cover art by Robert Branaman

who would want to say
as a statement of principle
that God has ground his heel
in the sooty earhole of being
or wiped mangled mindcries off the windshield
with a squeegee?
no it's too mad and it don't rhyme I can't cut it
No but that WE are the ragged edges
like what they make hamburger out of
without any give or take at the margin
but YOU make it up out of your being
for the lack or excess.
Halfway between the eagle and the serpent
lies the Mobil station
on a carpet of distilled entrails
and you know spaghetti snarks
lurk from the fire hydrants
but pretend it doesn't matter
it's all a halfdigested nightmare
and your mind
is the muttering pain behind the tooth
smuttering red flashes into the darkness
that is your bad debt
threatening malvicious action
scrunchin at the junction
but if I said all I seeknow you'd be as mad as me
and there'd be nothing left to say
so it's all based on you holding the marbles
and me mongering my messness
I hold the ball and someone kicks it
out of the park
for you a lark
but for me bloody times
the dog that ate Kotex was from my home town
you see I've been around
I ate the dog before time began
and away I ran
that's why they're after me
trying to stomp the truth out
before I forget what it was
and i can't decide who buttered my bread —
the window peeker
or the guy in bed?

© 1977 Alan Russo; Page © 2011 George Laughead
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