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Beats In Kansas: The Beat Generation in the Heartland


DOMINION and other poems
by Alan Russo, 1977

Cover art by Robert Branaman

Sad boy's lyric
lost in the street rumble
an orange peel over a matchstick
makes an umbrella
quicker than a Chevy will be $287 cheaper
than being strung out on this scene
O baby
when the bottles and the ashtrays on the table
form a perfect conic section
I get so blessed
I make a mess wandering in the snail garden
smooth over the stones
but wild in the wind
like Baker Beach
waiting for the next wave of LSD maniacs
keep on chawing me closer
Daryl The Screwn would become a sign
and the hillbilly commercial comes on
blue and pink like hearts in the sunset.
"Love is a five letter workd
spelled M-O-N-E-Y"
Money is a six letter word
spelled M-O-N-K-E-Y
little Campbell's lovesong
about eating his girl's pussy
"Nothing saves you like your voice"
a hungry years old
blue aint the word for the feeling I feed on
send me the pillow that you dream on
cook it down shoot it up
roll off into space giggling your secret
wait and wait for the steady taste
"Hic Glorial" by Them

© 1977 Alan Russo; Page © 2011 George Laughead
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