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Beats In Kansas: The Beat Generation in the Heartland


DOMINION and other poems
by Alan Russo, 1977

Cover art by Robert Branaman

Oh listen it was bloody murder
deep down inside his chest
His heart kept pressing me to answer
and I tried to do my best
But I found I was a Hapsburg
and it was all I could do to hide
the horror of my ancestry
from the flaming sword outside.
The crown sat uneasy on my head
I couldn't help but think of shit
the world kept trying to get me to take
a brighter view of It.
I stirred the pool of piss-blood idly
tying to feel aloof
wondering what would happen if Justice
held a thunderbolt over the roof.
I guess you'd have to be a stone
to get through this world of pain
but then a stone can't make a moan
to bid the desert to the dream of rain.
So you fuck me or I'll fuck you
it's all about the same
just so one drop gets to the surging foam
that rides the Spanish Main.

© 1977 Alan Russo; Page © 2011 George Laughead
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