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Ashleigh Brilliant
Pot-Shot Post Cards

"Brilliant Epigrams" since 1967

Ashleigh Brilliant Pot-Shot postcard. Used with permission. Image and epigrams, copyright, Ashleigh Brilliant.

[image: Ashleigh Brilliant Pot-Shot postcard. Used with permission. Copyright, Ashleigh Brilliant]


Ashleigh Brilliant, Artist and writer, creator of pot-shots cartoons, famous for their 17-word limit. Since 1967, "Brilliant epigrams" have influenced us all.

"I Want to Reach Your Mind... Where Is It Currently Located?"

"I have abandoned my search for truth, and am now looking for a good fantasy."

"Inside every older person there\'s a younger person wondering what happened. "

"I definitely intend to start living sometime soon."

Also see: "Haight Ashbury Song Book", 1967, by Ashleigh Brilliant.

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