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Beats In Kansas: The Beat Generation in the Heartland

Beat Generation writer William Burroughs
& James Grauerholz
Alley behind JazzHaus
Winter 1995, Lawrence, KS

[photograph image: Beat writer William S. Burroughs with James Grauerholz, behind Jazz Haus, 1995, Lawrence, KS; by Gary Mark Smith, copyright 1995, all rights reserved. Used with permission.]

Beat writer William S. Burroughs with James Grauerholz, behind Jazzhaus, 1995, Lawrence, KS.
Photograph by Global Street Photographer Gary Mark Smith

"William S. Burroughs & James Grauerholz truckin' down the alley behind the JazzHaus -- before they built the parking garage where I was set up on a tripod. The high temperature was only 2 degrees above zero, with a miserable wind chill factor of about minus 15 degrees below zero (you can see the north wind blowing the band posters attached to the bar -- or is that rare visual evidence of WB's numinous influence on American culture transcending physics...well, never mind...)."
Gary Mark Smith
© 1995. Used with permission

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