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Beats In Kansas: The Beat Generation in the Heartland


By Ed Dorn, 1969, Lawrence, Kansas

The Resistantism of all other places On the floor among filters and the spillings The cosmology of the floor of the Nation The cosmology of finding your place The cosmology of smelling and feeling your Natural place inside the place, feeling the filters feeling the rock, felling the roll feeling the social spray at that level low down, with the filters and the feet feeling the place you can fold all four legs and be man's best friend to the End, among the filters and the feet, in the rock, and in the roll in the clock and in the roll, in the hole of the social bilge The Great White Dog of the Rockchalk, seeks his place Seeks The place for Him there, tries every scrap of Space The Great White Dog of The Rockchalk moves under the Social seeking his own Place in the constant present snap of eternity listening with the german dislocated castanet His Nose Is under the great pin ball rolling in heaven above thru he barren terrain of feet He moves from place to place seeking his place The resisters the dogs seek their place WAYNE KIMBALL told me all this WAYNE KIMBALL sits in the booths, WAYNE KIMBALL knows about the The Great White Dog of The Rockchalk The Great White Dog of The Rockchalk doesn't The Great White Dog of The Rockchalk has been there Western Civilization is Beer The Great White Dog of The Rockchalk went thru the door of Western Civilization Which is north of the Barbershop and north of the sailor pants incense shop The Great White Dog went between all that and the Gaslight, The Great White Rockchalk Dog shakes hands with both paws indiscriminately For he Seeks his own true place on the floor He disregards the social He seeks the Place he seeks The Space his soul can occupy In His restless search he looks only for the Place Where he can come to rest in his own true Place and that might be on the floor of the rockchalk The great White Dog is not Interdicted by opinion He accepts the floor of the Rock Chalk as an Area, like any other, he will test that space He is preoccupied only with the Search The Great White Dog of The Rockchalk is not social WAYNE KIMBALL told me all this, WAYNE KIMBALL is social, he knows only persons, he doesn't give a shit for the floor of the Rockchalk WAYNE KIMBALL is neurotic like us, he wants to smoke Grass, WAYNE KIMBALL sits in the booths WAYNE KIMBALL drinks beer, has a part time job pretending to be literate, WAYNE KIMBALL uses the telephone and all other public Utilities including Cocaine, The Great White Dog of The Rockchalk is full of shit and can't shit until he finds his place, WAYNE KIMBALL has diarrhea WAYNE KIMBALL hasn't got a driver's license WAYNE KIMBALL is thin and knows everything that happens He has ears, He is a corrupt little mongrel like us turned on to everything hopeless and bullshit The Great White Dog of The Rockchalk is dumb and doesn't know anything but his instinct for the search for his place somewhere in the litter of the filters and the literally dropped dreams of the Great Rock Chalk, he smells the dreams on the floor dropped from between the legs of young English majors, ejected from between the Dual Spraycans of the fraternizers He seeks his place on top of this matter among the feet of the privileged nation on the floor of the Great shit, Rock Chalk Rock Chalk White Rock Calk Dog, And WAYNE KIMBALL Smokes cigarettes and Thoreaus them ontoOntoOntoOnto the floor already predicated by cancer, the slow movement of Cancer And I love these dogs because they are us and more us than we are and they seek their places as do the true whether they are Resisters or just scared or both They are the twin dogs of creation in our image and I give them both the floor as I give the Resisters This Poem from the throne of Belief as the Egyptians Gave and took from the Dogs Their access to Heaven That we may all be Gods and seek our Place. -ED DORN

presented april 10, 1969 at the united campus christian fellowship benefit reading for the draft resisters league
copyright 1969 by cottonwood

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