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Beats In Kansas: The Beat Generation in the Heartland

Dennis Hopper and Bruce Conner
San Francisco, California, 1996

Beat Generation photograph by Larry Keenan

Actor Dennis Hopper and artist Bruce Conner -- both native Kansans -- San Francisco, 1996. Dennis Hopper is from Dodge City, KS, and Bruce Conner is from McPherson and Wichita, KS.

From Keenan's Gallery:
" Dennis Hopper and Bruce Conner are having a discussion at the Paule Anglim Gallery in San Francisco, CA. The event was the opening of Hopper's and Conner's joint show at the California gallery."
© 1996, Larry Keenan. Used with permission.
[photograph image: Dennis Hopper and Bruce Conner, by Larry Keenan, San Francisco, 1996. Copyright 1996, Larry Keenan; Used with permission.]

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