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Beats In Kansas: The Beat Generation in the Heartland


by Roxie Powell, 1978

My grandmother called the
other night though she's
long dead
and my telephone's unplugged.

She said, "Roxie, I'm wondering
about you - now you look at me."

And I said, "Aw, shit, Granny."

"Now, none of that down-at-the-mouth
Roxie Grant, you're a fine young man

"Aw shit, Granny."

"Tonight I'm getting out, and I'd
like to see you, you know your ole
granny hasn't seen you in a..."

"Aw shit, Granny."

"But you must remember who you are -
you've got to remember to put
your best foot forward."

"Aw shit, Granny."

© 1978 Roxie G. Powell; Page © 2013 George Laughead
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