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Beats In Kansas: The Beat Generation in the Heartland

KANSAS, 1949

by Roxie Powell, 1978

She lowered the window
it was too much
she turned Peggy Lee
Peggy said it was too much
I slipped the 30.06 from the socket
pushed it her direction and pulled
myself up on the seat
and asked her to slip the bolt
which she refused to do.

I took my letter-sweater, the big "D"
and foisted it into her lap
she laid her hand on my crotch
which made me happy
but made me suspicious
she wasn't being a "lady"
or if she was she was not
doing this for the first time
and if she wasn't doing it for
the first time it meant she
had done it before
if she had
she must know what's in my mind
which I already know she does
so she takes my hand and places it
between her legs just like she knows
that's what I'm goin' to do
and I'm embarrassed -
she's wearing a bra with a little pad
probably embarrassed herself
though I'd never connect the two
she stretches her leg-her leg-
She stretches her leg,,,Jesus!
how do you expect a guy to handle that?

© 1978 Roxie G. Powell; Page © 2012 George Laughead
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