The Statistical Records of the American Forces in the World War

Extracted from "War Casualties", by Lt. Colonel Albert G. Love, Medical Corps, USA, from the Army Medical Bulletin No. 24 of 1930. This is the statistical records of the American forces in the World War, setting forth the incidence of disease, injuries and battle casualties during the conflict.

Health and Casualties

Excerpted from "The War with Germany, a Statistical Summary" by Colonel Leonard P. Ayers (Chief of the Statistical Branch of the General Staff), Government Printing Office, Washington, 1919.

This extract includes a breakdown of American deaths due to battle, due to disease, details of the incidence of individual diseases and a chart showing the relative number of deaths for all the combatant nations during WW1.

The origins of syphilitic contagion in the French army

An extract from the book "Syphilis and the Army" by Dr G. Thibierge, Surgeon to the Saint-Louis Hospital in France, and edited by C. F. Marshall, M.D., F.R.C.S., published in 1918 by the University of London Press, Ltd. The extract describes a statistical analysis of the origins of syphilitic infection.


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