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Search Engine Tips and Secrets

Web Site Tools | Search Engine Industry

Google: 80.60%
Bing: 7.51%
Baidu: 6.16%
Yahoo: 4.51%

(Top Search Engine - Volume, source: Experian, November 2017)

Google: 67.95%
Yahoo: 14.62%
Microsoft: 12.81%
Ask: 2.54%
AOL: 1.43%

(Top Search Engine - Volume, source: Experian, January 2011)

Google: 65.8%
Yahoo: 17.1%
Microsoft: 11%
Ask: 3.8%
AOL: 2.3%

(Search Engine Market Share, source: Comscore, August 2010)

The second most popular search engine today is YouTube, ahead of Yahoo now -- 20 most popular websites, week of 09/12/2009

The Problem With The Real-Time Web - No Google Juice, By Tom Foremski [no indexing of twitter, facebook updates, etc.]

Bing, new from MSN: Oddly looks a lot like google results, except that MSN Encarta shows up a lot.

Hadoop, new and odd search engine- open source, and used by Yahoo! among others ["easily write and run applications that process vast amounts of data"]

Facebook Group vs Facebook Fan Page: What�s Better,? by Ann Smarty [use both]

Google Official Webmaster Blog: Good times with inbound links

The Blogger's Guide to Search Engine Optimization from Aaron & Giovanna Wall

How Google Finds Your Needle in the Web's Haystack, by David Austin, Grand Valley State University,
from American Mathematical Society

"Knowing how to find anything you want on the web, once you will have learned it, will give you power. As always, that power ..." [from tadimens.htm: How to search the web; search engine information; of interest per Lynn H. Nelson]

Yahoo! Image Search kills Yahoo Photos:
Flickr takes it over [means that a Flickr stream of images is necessary for image results in Yahoo!]

Search Engine Marketing Glossary, & Free SEO Tools, from Aaron Wall, "seobook"

Google PageMaker Update [Indexed faster than most sites -- bonus for links]

"If in doubt, think games."
Best search engine advice from site author

From AOL accidently released data:

91.63% of the AOL users clicked on the results on the first result page. Only 4.49% clicked a result from the second result page, 2.19% clicked a result on the third result page and even less people looked beyond the first three result pages. Being #1 on the search results is best by far. 47.16% of the users clicked on the first result. That means that the first position in the search results gets almost half of the traffic. From Axandra Search Engine Facts, Aug. 22, 2006

How many pages do searchers go through

From a study by iProspect about when searchers "move on" from search results and type in another query.

  • 22.6 percent of searchers will try another search after viewing the top listings.
  • 18.6 percent will try another search after viewing the entire first page.
  • 25.8 percent will abandon the query after checking the first two pages.
  • 14.7 percent will relaunch a query after the first three pages.

Website Tools

Search Engine Industry

Strong passwords: How to create and use them

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