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News: Top Email Scams, FTC Names Its Dirty Dozen

    MPMA Web Session

    Economical Websites: Do You Need Help? Blogs, Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, MySpace - Using Free Social Networks for Museums

    These days, museum professionals are expected to know everything about websites. Yet, many don't monitor their museum's website and pay others to make changes to it. And, oh those pesky questions board members always ask: How can I see my donation on the web? Why are you on MySpace -- MPMA Museums MySpace -- and not on a more 'current' site? Why did our museum website address just become an on-line drug store? How can we save money by using email? Couldn't you just do that blog in your extra time? Get answers to these questions and see how you can save money and be more web effective.

    Also see: Museum MySpace Tips; MPMA Social Network Tips

    Chair: George Laughead, Laughead Web; President, Ford County Historical Society, Dodge City, KS; Manager, WWW Virtual Library @, WWW-VL: United States History and Kansas Heritage Group. George Laughead was a member of Tim Berners-Lee's Virtual Library management committee. His hobbies include playing google as a computer game. on Facebook. Founding Chair, MPMA Technology Committee.


    Robert Hickerson, Photographer/Database Project Manager, Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS (full collection online)

    Jessica Johnson, Second Life Project Coordinator, Spencer Museum of Art. Spencer Art Museum Myspace. Spencer Museum of Art YouTube: Saint in the City: Sufi Arts of Urban Senegal

    Neal Smith, Kansas Sports Hall of Fame, Wichita, KS; Wichita State University Public History program.

    Websites: Better questions & better planning

    You don't have to know HTML code to understand how your website could work better, or how to start one with better planning. This site is based on MPMA Web Session presentations by George Laughead. George is on the MPMA Technology Committee and was founding chair.

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    (WorldWideWeb Consortium), MIT, Cambridge, MA
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