French barbed wire

German barbed wire

German machine gun post

French machine gun post

German firing steps

German dugout entrance

Short length of barbed wire frame. Presumably to block the trench itself.

Barbed wire picket in No Man's Land

Well on the French front lines. (It looks identical to the machine gun post, but I was assured that it was a well.)

French? propellant container found just behind the French front line.

French barbed wire entanglement still in position.

French barbed wire entanglement. Rather bent but you can see the spikes, etc.

The original place for the Croix des Larmes.

The memorial at Bois le Prêtre.

French barbed wire entanglement. Note the ring to attach one to another.

The toggle that goes through the ring.

The only tree left from the pre-1914 forest. It looks more likely to fall down every time.

submitted: May 4, 2004

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