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"Billy Bishop Went to War", Airpower magazine. (Herb Kugel, 9 Jan 05)

Newspaper Coverage and Photos, and Literature Dealing with Captain Albert Ball V.C. (Herb Kugel, 24 Aug 05)


Campaigns, front, field

Townhend's communiqués at Kut, 1916 (24 Aug 05)

1. from Sir Charles Townshend to the Kut Garrison, 26 January 1916

2. from Sir Charles Townshend to the Kut Garrison, 10 March 1916

3. from Sir Charles Townshend to the Kut Garrison, 28 April 1916

A Conan Doyle. A Visit to Three Fronts (24 Aug 05)

E.D. Morel. Morocco and Armageddon, 1915 (1 Jul 04)

"A Combattant's Case History" from Harvey Cushing's A Surgeon's Journal ( Geoffrey Miller, 30 Oct 06)

David Heal L'Invasion de Luxembourg (Table of Contents) ( David Heal, 09 Jan 07)



Metropolitan Catastrophes Scenarios, Experiences and Commemorations in the Era of Total War (A conference sponsored by the Centre For Metropolitan History, with support from the Leverhulme Trust), Jul 2004. (24 Aug 05)

Notes on John Horne and Alan Kramer, "German Atrocities, 1914: A History of Denial" (Ted Rawes, 31 Aug 04)

Notes on Helen McPhail. "The Long Silence - Civilian Life under the German Occupation of Northern France 1914-18" (Ted Rawes, 31 Aug 04)



Court Martial of Henry Farr (Julian Putkowski, 6 Sep 06)



Caroline Moorehead. Dunant's Dream. Chapter Nine. (Alan Albright, 9 Sep 06)

Mustard Gas: A detailed account from the "Medical Manual of chemical Warfare" published by His Majesty's Stationary Office, 1940 based on data from the Great War. The account describes all aspects of Mustard Gas, including its physical and toxic characteristics, dangers to be anticipated from its use, medical details of the injuries from it, protection from it, treatment of sufferers, invalidism and a description of the methods used for decontamination (Geoffrey Miller, 31 Aug 04)

Robert W. Service Rhymes of a Red Cross Man. New York: Barse and Hopkins, 1916. (Alan Albright, 24 Aug 05)



Edward Spears. Two Men who Saved France, 1966, excerpts. (Alan Albright, 9 Sept 06)



Memorandum of the German Government in regard to Incidents alleged to have attended the Destruction of a German submarine (Hans Andriessen, 25 Sep 05)

PDF version



Ronald Moore. A Fresh Look at the Origins of WWI, 2004, (Ted Rawes, 13 Oct 04)

Notes on "The Arming of Europe and the Making of the First World War", (Ted Rawes, 29 Aug 04)

Notes on a "Blank Cheque", (Ted Rawes, 29 Aug 04)

Countdown to Disaster: 27 July to 6 August 1914, (Ted Rawes, 10 May 05)

Sergei Dobroloski, Russian Mobilisation of 1914, (Ted Rawes, 31 Aug 04)

Notes on: "July 1914. The Long Debate 1918 -1990" by John W. Langdon, (Ted Rawes, 5 Sep 05)

Notes John F.V Keiger, "France and the Origins of the First World War", (Ted Rawes, 31 Aug 04)

Willy to Nick and Nick to Willy: notes exchanged between the Tsar and the Kaiser , (Ted Rawes, 29 Aug 04)

Notes on The Road to Sarajevo; by Vladimir Dedijer, (Ted Rawes, 31 Aug 04)



E.E. Reynolds. Baden-Powell, A Biography 1942, Chapter XIV "THE WAR YEARS, 1914-1918" (Alan Albright, 8 Dec 04)

Chapter Eight of John C.G. Rühl's The Kaiser and His Court (Peter Farrell-Vinay, 4 Apr 05)

PDF version


Politics, diplomacy, ideology

Re: "Armaments and Politics in France on the Eve of the First World War" by Gerd Krumeich., (Ted Rawes, 29 Aug 04)

Review of "Clio Deceived: Patriotic self-censorship in Germany after the Great War" by Holger Herwig, (24 Aug 05)

Text of Franco-Russian Mil Agreement, 1913, (Ted Rawes, 12 Dec 04)

Pact of Konopisht, (24 Aug 05)

Ferdinand Lundberg. America's 60 Families New York: Vanguard Press, 1937. Chapter IV: &";The Politics of Pecuniary Aggrandizement: 1912-1920", (Alan Albright, 26 Dec 04)

Notes on Werner Sombart's Haendler und Helden --- Patriotische Besinnungen

Dear Mr Miller

I have just learned that Ted had a heart attack while swimming off Barbados and was dead by the time he was brought ashore.

I shall miss him very much now that I am giving my mind to other things I having been trying to withdraw somewhat. However, he bullied me into summarising a book which he could not obtain but which is in the Nationalbibliothek, Vienna. I believe he intended to circulate my summary - I don't know whether to the whole group or just to afew. Anyway, here it is. Please do what you like with it. If anybody wants to raise questions about it, I shall do my best to respond - but reluctantly if this would involve going back to the Library and getting the book out again.

Best wishes

Ronald Moore, (Ronald Moore, 3 Apr 05)

Willy to Nick and Nick to Willy, (Ted Rawes, 29 Aug 04)


Media, propaganda

Alistaire Cook, "War in Retrospect" (Herb Kugel, 3 Feb 05)

Embedded Counterfactuals and World War I as an Unavoidable War (Ted Rawes, 29 Aug 04)

How to Sell a War (Herb Kugel, 9 Feb 05)

Cpt Morris, Distr. Of Propaganda by Air (Melanie Bielowicz Cooke, 10 Mar 05)

PDF version

Ponsonby's Falsehood in War-Time, 1929 (Geoffrey Miller, 24 Aug 05)

PDF version



The Jewish Company of the Shanghai Volunteer Corps Compared With Other Jewish Diaspora Fighting Units (Ben Frank, 23 Dec 04)


War (general, misc)

An Excerpt from "Der Weltkrieg 1914 -- 1918" (Ted Rawes, 29 Aug 04)

Call for Papers: International Conference, "Palestine and the First World War---New Perspectives" (Yigal Sheffy, 3 Oct 06

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