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Ldst. Jacob Raphael, 1917
Deutsche Feldpost 370

1917 letter by Jewish soldier
in German WWI army

Jacob Raphael (b. 1897 in Posen, then Germany, d. 1971 in Ramat Gan, Israel) served in the German army during WWI. The letter that is shown here was written in July 1917, two months before Jacob's 20th birthday. It is also interesting to note the reference at the end of the letter, to a peace initiative that at that time was published in the German press. In December 1939 Jacob Raphael joined the British army, among the first, when this became possible for "enemy aliens." He served in the Pioneer Corps, and later in the Royal Army Pay Corps (RAPC) until his demobilization in 1945. -- Zeev Raphael, son of Jacob Raphael

Ldst. Jacob Raphael original 1917 letter from Deutsche Feldpost 370, WWI German Front

Jacob Raphael biographical notes

German transcription of 1917 letter

English translation of 1917 letter

From Zeev Raphael, Haifa, Israel, copyright June 2009, used with permission.
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Posted August 2009.

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