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Mandala Lady
San Francisco Oracle No. 9
backcover by Robert Ronnie Branaman
August 1967

[drawing: San Francisco Oracle Newspaper No. 9 Backcover by Robert Ronnie Branaman, August 1967. Copyright 1967-2009, Robert Branaman. Used with permission, all rights reserved.]

Robert Branaman: Mandala Lady "a back cover from Oracle 9 (1967). its a little funky as i had to scan it several time as its larger than my scanner.
Charles Plymell maid some posters of it in different colors.
i gave a silver one on black paper to Henry Miller
he hung it right in the dinning room, between a Man Ray and a Modigliani
i felt like i had made it. i use to go and have dinner with him, look at my piece and where it was..with Henry you'd just mentioned Pairs and he'd be off for a hour or two
i wish i had recorded it all....I thanked him for turning me on to Cleine / Durell ect.... [sic, email, 2009]

Oracle #9 - Psychedelics, Flowers & War (Aug. 1967)
On Programming the Psychedelic Experience Pt. 1 - 4
In Memoriam - By Allen Cohen Pt. 1 & 2
Flowers from the Street - By Richard Honigman
Poetry - Pamela Millward and Bill Dodd
Art - Alice In Wonderland
Poisoned Wheat - By Michael McClure
Notes From The Genetic Journal - By Stephen Levine
Kali - By Bob Branaman [Oracle back cover, ie., Mandala Lady artwork]

Also see: Chances "R" drawing, by Robert Ronnie Branaman, April 1967 & Monterey Dance Concert poster by Robert Ronnie Branaman, July 1966.
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