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Books on the American West

General Western Locations, Trails, and Travel:
Transportation and Trails in the West | Overview of States and Territories | List of Famous Pioneer Towns & Ghost-Towns |

Cattle, Cow Towns see Livestock

Digital Libraries
American Westward Expansion

Dodge City, Kansas:
Dodge City, KCN | Dodge City Peace Commission Original Photograph | Dodge City, the Cowboy Capital and the Great Southwest.., by Robert M Wright |

On-line Travel Guides:
Places in The West (PBS) | Tour The West (PBS) | Historic Sites on the Oregon Trail | CyberTrail (Santa Fe Trail) |

Old West Houses
Mueller-Schmidt House (1881) Museum, Dodge City, KS |

Rocky Mountain History: Rocky Mountains | Mountain Nature | Rocky Mountain National Park history | Rocky Mountain Museum of Military History, Ft. Missoula | Rocky Mountain and Plains Indian Fur Trade |

Travel Aids: MiniMeta Travel Search Page with current and historical on-line maps | Maps of the American West | Historic Traveler (on-line magazine)

Urban Growth: Exploring the West: Phoenix AZ, Bay area CA, and Calgary Alberta


Northwest Territory:
Bibliography of books about Native Americans in old NW Territory | Book review: "The Ohio Frontier: Crucible of the Old Northwest, 1720-1830" | George Rogers Clark | The Treaty of Greenville | Old Northwest Historical Society | Indian Wars in the Northwest Territory | Indiana Land Records | "Mad" Anthony Wayne at Fallen Timbers | Miami Valley (OH) Vignettes | Niagra History: "The Battle of Lake Erie" | The Northwest Ordinance | Northwest Territory (Encarta) | Opening of the Northwest Territory | Arthur St.Clair |

First Day Cover, July 13, 1937 - Northwest Territory (1787-1937)

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Oregon Territory
Oregon Territory, state.gov | The Oregon Territory | Oregon

Southwest Explorations: historical expeditions that opened Arizona and the American West


On-Line Books:
The Kansas Collection includes many more books similar to these: Commerce of the Prairie 1844. Josiah Gregg | The Prairie Traveler. A Handbook for Overland Expeditions 1859 | Dodge City, The Cowboy Capital and the Great Southwest ; by Robert M. Wright, 1913 |


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