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WWI Zeppelins, (David Heal, 17 May 05)

Dover bombshell hits, (Pete Matcham, 2 Feb 05)

WWI air photos, (Herb Kugel, 3 Feb 05)


WWI Documents, printed materials

Cartoon ("Turkey heading for trouble"), (29 Jun 04)

Kaiser Wilhelm, Protector of Muslims, (Geoffrey Miller, 1 Jul 04)

Taking of Luxembourg station Aug 2, 1914, (David Heal, 21 Jul 04)


WWI Field, trenches

Reconstructed trenches, (Andrew Bamji, 5 May 04)

Trip to Jordan, (Peter Farrell-Vinay, 13 Mar 05),

Ulan Baatar, (David Heal, 26 Aug 05)

Vestiges of trenches, French & German barbed wire, French machine gun post, German firing steps (4 May 04)


WWI Gas, effects and protection

Effects of mustard gas, (Geoffrey Miller, 23 Aug 04)

Gas masks in Palestine, (Geoffrey Miller, 27 Apr 04)

Gas masks, (Colin Fenn, 23 Aug 04)


First World War Medical

Nurse's pennant, Australian hospital ship, (Geoffrey Miller, 1 Jan 07)

Protective clothing worn by Australian nurses during the Flu epidemic., (Geoffrey Miller, 2 Jan 07)


Great War Memorials, cemeteries

Liberty Memorial, Kansas City, Missouri, (George Laughead, 1 Dec 06)

Menin Gate, Ieper [Ypres], (Peter Farrell-Vinay, 13 Nov 06)

Bordighera, (Peter Farrell-Vinay, 6 Jul 06)

German cemetery, (David Heal, 24 May 04)

Longuyon: Canadian Air Force Memorial, (30 Apr 04)

Louvain: monuments, (Leen Engelen, 1 Oct 04)

Memorials at Bourg and at Briey, (David Heal, 7 Jul 04)

Monument to crossing of Yarkon River by Australian 52nd Division, 22 December 1917, (Gene Fax, 9 Jul 04)

Southernmost WWI memorial, Halfmoon Bay Monument, Stewart Island, N.Z., (Geoffrey Miller, 18 Feb 05)

Cemetery/memorial in S. France, (David Heal, 25 Mar 05)

In the Woëvre: 155mm artillery piece. Les Eparges, (David Heal, 28 Jul 04)

WWI memorial, (David Heal, 21 Jul 04)


WWI Naval

Two Hospital ships. Gloucester Castle, Dover Castle. (Geoffrey Miller, 8 Apr 05)

Sopwith on Lighter, (Geoffrey Miller, 4 Sep 06)

HMAT Warilda, (Geoffrey Miller, 5 Apr 05)

Arrangement of a Battleship turret showing working chamber and Handing Room magazines, (Geoffrey Miller, 5 Apr 05)


First World War Personalities

Australian soldier. John (Barney) Hines and was nicknamed "Wild Eye"? He fought at Polygon Wood and gained his souvenirs to sell from the battle field. Photo should be attributed to AWM Negative E00822

Eugene Bullard, Alan Albright, 9 Sep 06

Charlie Chaplin in his biggest hit, and one of the biggest of all times, Shoulder Arms, 1918, (Herb Kugel, 30 Jan 05)

Grandfather in Army, (Thomas Dalton, 30 Jul 04)

Norris (Robin Mayhall, 17 Sep 06)

William Stone celebrating 106th birthday in Army, at Thames Valley Branch of WFA, (Niall Ferguson, 8 Oct 06)


WW1 Units

Bavarian 17th Infantry Division (Jim Broshot, 16 Sep 06)


First World War Weapons

In the Woëvre: 155mm artillery piece. Les Eparges, (David Heal, 28 Jul 04)

Some cavalry photos, (David Heal, 10 Aug 06)

Vest-pocket weapon, (Sid Allison, 15 Aug 04)

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